Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in the development and promotion of youth gymnastics at PGA, especially families with children on a developmental or competitive team at PGA, and Elite gymnasts on a competitive team at PGA, are eligible to become a member of the Booster Club. We welcome parents, extended family, PGA alumni, professional gymnasts, philanthropists, and community members who want to help us promote competitive gymnastics in Pearland, as well as across Texas and the US.

How do I join?

To join the PGA Booster Club, simply complete your Registration Form online and submit your annual registration fee of $30 per athlete or individual ($100 max. per family), which covers your membership from June 1 to May 31 of every year you are a member. Or, if you would prefer, contact us and we will get a copy of our Registration Form to you and help you complete the process.

Why should I join?

In addition to supporting the wonderful sport of gymnastics, Booster Club members have the benefit of promoting the competitive gymnasts on the Men's and Women's teams at PGA. Volunteering for Booster Club events, contributing to fundraisers, establishing relationships with donors, and staffing meets hosted by the Booster Club are just a few of the ways you can pitch in to help our team athletes achieve their dreams. Funds raised by the Booster Club will help defray the costs of meet fees, uniforms, travel expenses, and other things our gymnasts have to pay for to compete.

In addition to helping make our Booster Club events, fundraisers, donations, and meets happen, every one of our team athletes whose families are Booster Club members will receive a portion of our proceeds!

Join the Booster Club today!